Thursday, November 5, 2009

Current project

I'm working on a Flash Application that actually helps you read Music Sheets.
It's simple, but very helpful.


  1. I think your blog might be coming very handy for me!

    I just started playing piano (today actually), after a lot of "time off" (I took some classes when I was younger.)

    Anyways, I just downloaded synthesia, but I don't quite understand how I get the songs into the program and see which keys to push.

    Also I just wondered if you have a few suggestions to songs I can try to learn, thats not very difficult. There are a couple of song that I really want to learn, but Im pretty sure I have to become a lot better before I can play those songs. :)

  2. Ok, in order to get new songs into Synthesia you do the following:

    1. Search on Google to find new MIDIs.
    Like this:
    "Song name MIDI"
    2. Save it in the Synthesia Music folder. Often located in your Documents (Or where you placed it during the process of installation)
    3. Open Synthesia, and click Play! Then find your new MIDI.

    Here's a few suggestion for songs you might want to learn:
    1. Canon in D
    2. Fur Elise
    There are a few others. But really, try to learn a song you like. Being able to play it is one thing, but if you don't like the song, it's going to be hard.

  3. Hi I tried to install Synthesia and got thei error:
    Synthesia detected a problem and must close:

    Couldn't open log '/Users/name/Library/Application Support/Synthesia/log.txt' for writing.

    what am i doing wrong?

  4. I have not encounter this problem before. What operating system are you using?

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