Friday, November 13, 2009

Which song should I play?

It depends on your skill level.

But really, if you want to play a song, just get your mind set to do it.
It's much easier to play something you like than something easy but you don't really like it.
Find a song you love, maybe a theme song from a movie? Something you heard when you were little? Anything, as long as it's what you want.

How is this a shortcut?
Well, most of the times, piano teachers will force you play certain songs/exercises you don't like.
In my opinion, it's really painful to learn it that way.


  1. very true... :) thanks for the youtube yiruma river flows into you... i am trying that now.. even though i'm a novice..

  2. How about Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence?

  3. how to play empire tate of minde part 2?
    i would like to learn

  4. Any song you like is the right song to play.